Conformation & Showing

Weimaraner Klub of Gauteng

The Showing of ‘purpose bred dogs’ such as the Weimaraner, is a very important way of ensuring that the breed continues to conform with the breed standards (for the Weimaraner Breed Standards [as approved by KUSA] please refer to the relevant section which appears under the section on ‘Breeding’).

In other countries a system of point scoring is sometimes used to assess dogs from a physical perspective, but in South Africa we continue to use the system inherited from our British orientated historical connections. When selecting a KUSA registered pup you may see various ‘post nominal titles’ following the names of the dam and sire of the puppy, these refer to both the achievements of the dog in question in the show ring and also in terms of field tests which have been successfully completed. These qualifications are not to be disregarded as they serve a very definite role in projecting the possible qualities of the pup concerned and once again confirm the genetic potential of the pup.

Dog shows can be very competitive.

Dog shows are advertised by various Kennel Clubs which are located all over the country (even in other countries) and are open to members of KUSA (and KUSA registered dogs) to compete. In Gauteng the Goldfields Kennel Club (located adjacent to Gillooly’s Farm) hosts the largest number of competitions, which are usually held on a Saturday and/or Sunday.

Dogs being entered for shows, appear in various events determined by ‘group’. Weimaraners are of course, entered as part of the ‘Gundog Group’. Within the Gundog Group there are various categories which are open for entry according to the dogs age and/or qualification, which are structured on a tiered basis and which eventually lead to the entered dogs competing not only for the ‘Best in Breed’ but the ‘Best Gundog’ and eventually the ‘Best in Show’. The competition can be tense and exciting and provides an interesting and challenging day out-of-doors, among good friends. It is important to note that the entered dogs get judged on their movement as well as the breed standard ‘correctness’ in terms of size, weight, coat, structure etc.

The Weimaraner Klub hosts two Shows: The Non-Championship Open Show (which is open to unregistered Weimaraners) and the Weimaraner Championship Show (only for registered Weimaraners), which are specifically for the Breed. The Weimaraner Klub arranges training session relating to the nature of showing dogs and the way to show them to ‘best effect’.