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club in South Africa

(And yes the K in Klub is intentional – the name of the club was derived from that of the German club)

The Weimaraner

It is an ‘aristocratic’ breed of Gundog originating in Germany, being recognised as a separate breed during 1896. Visibly, it is a breed that is extremely pleasing and unique to the eye with an attractive grey coat (both short-haired and long-haired varieties are acknowledged by the Kennel Union of South Africa KUSA. It has a large, strong, well-built, athletic body and haunting eyes the colour of which may occur in varying shades of amber.

The Weimaraner is a ‘purpose bred’ dog and this must always be considered. It was bred to hunt and is lythe, fast, highly intelligent, and effective. It was also bred as a ‘hunting companion’ and to form a strong, life-long, and indestructible bond with its owners.

Many people regard the Weimaraner as the most beautiful of the gun dog breeds, the most intelligent and the best companion.

A breed well worth knowing personally!

For enquiries about pedigreed, KUSA registered Klub Puppies, please submit your details as indicated on the Contact Page, or send an email with your enquiry to: admin@weimaranerclub.co.za

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Chairman’s Annual Report 2023

The Chairman’s View from the ‘Coal Face’ 2023/24 by Frank Winder (Chairman: Weimaraner Klub of Gauteng) As we, the Weimaraner Klub of Gauteng regard ourselves as the ‘custodians’ of the Weimaraner Breed in South Africa and in recognition of this responsibility, we aim...

Non-Championship Show

With great anticipation, we look forward to the upcoming Non-Championship Show and extend a warm invitation for your participation. This event provides an excellent opportunity to support our club, connect with fellow members, and welcome newcomers into our community....

Calendar 2024

Calendar 2024

These beautiful Calendars are selling for only R150.00 each. For Postnet-to-Postnet service, add R109.00 for up to six calendars (per shipment) OR collect at points in Edenvale or Pretoria. Email your order to: admin@weimaranerclub.co.za or send a message to Robyn on...


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First Semester 2024 Non-Championship Schedule 2024  Please contact the secretary of the Weimaraner...

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