About the Klub

Weimaraner Klub of Gauteng

The Weimaraner Klub is in existence to serve the interests of the

Weimaraner Breed in South Africa.

The Weimaraner Klub of the Transvaal (the original name of the club) was founded in January 1981 by a group of Weimaraner owners and enthusiasts.

It was founded in order that there should be, in South Africa, an organisation that should be recognised as the ‘CUSTODIAN’ of the Weimaraner Breed in this country. Such a responsibility is an exacting task to fulfil to the high standards required. It is well positioned to fulfil this task because of its official connections which give it a unique presence.

Because of its early relationship with the ‘Weimaraner Klub’ of Germany, the club was granted the privilege of being referred to as the ‘Weimaraner Klub of the Transvaal’, in acknowledgement of the Klub’s connection with its German counterpart. When the names of the South African provinces were changed together with the political dispensation in this country, the reference to the ‘Transvaal’ was changed to ‘Gauteng’ (the most appropriate one of the new provincial names).

In 1985 it became affiliated to the Kennel Union of South Africa (KUSA), which is the statutory canine-related body established in South Africa with the necessary authority to ensure the adherence by breeders and members to ‘Breed Standards’. It also controls standards relating to the competitive showing of dogs (which are designed to take into account the upholding of standards in terms of the conformation of dogs) as well as the standards and format of field competitions (which relate to the hunting abilities of the breed). These test both dog and owner in training and the breed’s natural hunting ability.

The Klub’s affiliation with KUSA is an important feature of its existence and ensures that it holds a unique and critically determining position in terms of the presence and development of the Weimaraner Breed in South Africa.

KUSA maintains a data base of all KUSA registered dog breeds and the relevant breeders (who are also KUSA registered breeders).

KUSA registered breeders are encouraged to register the pups which they breed. This ensures that a certain standard of breeding records is maintained. This in turn provides prospective puppy buyers with certain guarantees relating to the quality of the puppies that they might be considering buying and critical guidelines as to the genetic prospects of an envisaged mating from which the puppy under consideration will come.

These ‘guarantees’ relate to the genetic origins of the puppies as well as physical attributes such as, and, in particular the puppies’ hip configurations (both dam and sire). The findings must be supported by X-rays and associated expert reports. These are critical defects which can compromise dogs in later life. Poorly evolved hip joints must be and may be avoided by breeders by following the necessary procedures. It is the right thing to do to insist on the requirements that are stipulated under the ‘Breeding Standards’ of the Klub which are upheld by KUSA when choosing what may be a lifetime companion such as a Weimaraner.

It was decided to establish the Klub in order to foster the reasons for its existence and to promote cohesion and mutual support among Klub members and to promote membership of the Klub.

The Klub organises an annual Championship Show and Open Show, ‘Shooting Ratings’, show and obedience training as well as field training for gundogs, an annual prize giving and other social events as they arise. The Weimaraner Klub presents a trophy for ‘The Weimaraner of the Year’ and ‘The Weimaraner Puppy of the Year’, which encompasses all aspect critical to the future projection of the breed.

In support of this it produces:

  • A ‘Newsletter’ for circulation.
  • Maintains this website and an associated Facebook Page.

This ensures that members and prospective members remain up to date with Klub events and developments, as well as general and international interests relating to owners of Weimaraners and dogs in general.

  • There is also a focus on education with relation to dogs in general, the Weimaraner breed in general and specifically the activities with which the Klub is associated.
  • We also provide information where possible on an individual basis, relating to issues that may be important to those currently living with Weimaraners or prospective owners.

The Constitution

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